#1 Eternal Light

EternalLightCover goodreadsTales of Istyria: The Five #1
Expected publication: 19th June 2016
Genre: YA, Fantasy

My name is Arya. I’ve lived in Istyria my whole life. My world has been peaceful … until now.

When Darkness starts to take over the land of Istyria. Arya is send on a mission by the King and Queen to retrieve the one who holds the Power of Light within him. According to the Prophecy they need him if they want to defeat the Evil that threatens to pull Istyria into total darkness. Finding him is easy enough, but is she prepared to deal with the dangers that lurk around the corner? And what role does she play in all of this?

Lucian refuses to believe in magic, but when a girl suddenly appears in his room and talks of a magical land and a Prophecy, he gets sucked into an adventure he isn’t even sure he wants to be part of.

…Search for the One with the Eternal Light …

#2: Blazing Fire

…Walk through the flames of Blazing Fire…

#3: Dark Ocean

…Swim to the depths of the Dark Ocean…

#4: Endless Sky

…Soar above the clouds of the Endless Sky…

#5: Wild Earth

….Explore the forests of the Wild Earth…

Spirit Water Fire Air and Earth they’ll be
The Five will set us free

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