Updates! The Winter Writer’s Block is over!


Today I’m talking to you as my author alter-ego Nelly B. Jones to tell you about what I’ve been doing and what’s to come in the next months.

After a long writer’s block that occurs almost every winter, I’m happy to say I’m writing again! I could say that “the cold never bothered me anyway”, but I’d be lying. It kills my inspiration. The creative part of my brain just has a winter sleep, like bears. I think. But it’s over! And I have new idea’s! A lot of them! And I’m writing again, which is awesome!

So I got a ton of new idea’s. Some related to the first five books in the series, some to the one that follows, a few cover idea’s and a ton of idea’s for the first book! And I’m really excited about all of them, even though some idea’s mean that I have to re-write what I had so far for Eternal Light. Yes, that sucks, but I already rewrote the Prologue and chapter 1 and part of chapter 2 and it’s so much better now.

There is one idea I can share already! If you’ve checked the page Books here on the blog, you’ve seen it already. If not, I’m about to tell you. Last week, I got a super cool idea for a next series and I wanted to somehow make it still a part of Tales of Istyria. And I found a way to do that! I got the idea from The Vampire Diaries. The books, of course. On Goodreads you have the series The Vampire Diaries and The Vampire Diaries: The Return, and so on. And I liked that! So I changed the name of the series for the first five books to Tales of Istyria: The Five! That way, if there’s another series that follows, I can just give it another name and it will still be a Tales of Istyria novel! And I do have a name for it and some pretty cool idea’s which I only share with my best friend/PR person/Super Beta Reader Stephanie. The name will be Tales of Istyria: Heart of Ice and it takes place almost 50 years after the fifth book. More I cannot share. But I’m really excited about it!

Also, the cover will come somewhere in July/August. In the summer. I have a ton of idea’s for it and I’m going to ask Ida from Amygdala Design to make it. She has done a beautiful job on Stephanie’s covers (the best friend I mentioned earlier!), so. =)

Now I’m going to ask for your help! It would be awesome if you added Eternal Light to your shelves on Goodreads. And I would love if you added my author account as a friend when you already have me as a friend on my personal account, but of course you don’t have to if you don’t want that.

That’s it for now! Thank you for reading and I’ll keep you guys updated on everything that involves my Work In Progress!

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